Happy 4th of July!

by Frances A. Chiu

Hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful 4th of July!

I’ve just published a piece on the Occupied Wall Street Journal, Declaring Independence,

The Thomas Paine Friends, Inc website has also added a talk which I presented at the Left Forum, Nobility and Noability: Writing the 1%. And speaking of the forum itself, the website now has videos of the plenary talks: speakers include Nnimmo Bassey, Rose Ann De Moro, Chris Hedges, Marina Sitrin, and Michael Moore.

 And for those of you interested in something with a bit of bite, here’s a piece on political vampires:


As for this blog, I know I have been away for an inexcusably long time–lost in more busy work than I had anticipated. But I do have some posts coming up now that I’m finally getting a chance to rest a bit.